We send our children to school daily with lunch all neatly packaged into their containers, but things tend to spill and escape from the lunch bag. It can not be helped, and one of my greatest pet peeves is a sticky, filthy lunch tote. Yuck!

Sounds familiar? I believed so, and I have put together a couple of methods to wash bags readily and help them survive longer.


A clean lunch tote ensures long term usage and less prospect of it carrying on some funky smells. There are just two easy procedures, and based on the sort of lunch bag you have, both will get the job done.

Machine Wash

That is something that I do each week; usually, Friday evening and the measurements are straightforward.

  • Clean Out
  • Eliminate any litter or food items.
  • Dry out it
    When it comes to drying air, dry is best. However, a few lunch totes are durable enough to withstand heat from a dryer. Be certain that you read the tags/labels on each tote to their preferred care.

Hint: I clean my lunch bags individually or using our”old rags” load of laundry. The heavy zippers on the lunch bags can lead to harm.

Hand Wash

Here is the safest way to care for lunch bags and make sure that they remain intact for quite a while. Hand washing lunch bags goes somewhat like this:

  • Soap and Water
    Fill in your sink with warm water and a little bit of dish soap.
  • Wipe
    working with a sponge or cloth, dip it in the warm water, and wash out the lunch bag’s exterior and interior.
  • Scrub and Dry
    The ideal way to wash it’s using a fabric that’s dampened with sterile water. Then pat it dry with a towel and let it dry thoroughly by air. I’ll occasionally lay it out, open, and upside down into my dish strainer to make it to dry overnight.


I suggest doing daily spot tests to maintain lunch bags in mint state. This is as straightforward as wiping down the inside with an antibacterial wash or cleaner and rag.

I enjoy having a homemade remedy using equal parts of water and vinegar or hydrogen peroxide and water in a spray bottle. Both disinfect and deodorizes the inside. If you are concerned about the vinegar odor, do not worry! It disappears as it dries.

Even though this isn’t a recipe, these basic ideas may make packaging lunches easier for busy parents. And if you enjoy keeping all things dinner easy, you are going to adore the sort of meal ideas we provide within our household meal programs. Obtain a sample MOMables Meal Plan where you will find 5 dinner meals, a done-for-you shopping checklist, and an incremental meal prep sheet!

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